Product Development & Quality Control:

We develop all of our recipes in-house in our state of the art laboratory facility.

Here we employ a team of brewing and fermentation specialists, as well as using commercial industry experts from both the beer and cider industries, to design, ferment and carry out several rounds of quality testing. Our brewers have access to a network of the world’s leading raw materials suppliers allowing them to select quality over compromise every time.

Our rigorous quality control procedure involves pre and post manufacture testing of raw materials and finished products before products are released to our customers.



Manufacturing Process:

1. Port 66 kits are manufactured at our BRC Grade AA rated, custom built, 60,000sq ft homebrew manufacturing facility in the North West of England. Factory2
2. The world’s finest liquid malt extracts (for beer kits) and fruit concentrates (for cider kits) are mixed to the recipes’ specification and fed into our custom-built pouch packaging line. Liquid tanks
3. Here pouches are pulled onto the production line and at the first station are opened up and flushed with nitrogen. This removes any oxygen ensuring complete sterility within the pouch. Doy Nitrogen
4. We flash pasteurise and cold fill our pouches, the low temperatures means that the contents don’t get cooked (which is what happens when canned kits are manufactured) and all of the beautiful natural malt or fresh fruit flavours are handled delicately, and remain within the product. The number one enemy of the liquid is heat, we go to great lengths throughout the process to minimise the raw materials’ exposure to heat.
5. Once full, the pouches receive a second flushing to remove any oxygen from inside the pouch that may have entered when filling and could spoil the contents. It’s then given an isolated heat seal to ensure an impenetrable barrier, protecting the contents fully from any potential spoilage microbes. Doy heat
6. After the pouches come off the line, they’re packed into shipping boxes and then taken into temperature-controlled storage before dispatch. Here the temperature is optimised to maintain the integrity of the contents without changes in flavour or colour. Any of our kits that travel across the equator go into a chilled shipping container ensuring they reach you in optimum condition. Cold Storage