Beer Cocktails

Summer is officially here and what better way to enjoy the sun (or rain if you live in Britain) than kicking back with a beer? Well how about a beer cocktail? We’ve seen these popping up more and more in leading bars and restaurants and wanted to try making some cocktails with our beers.

So if you’ve got a spare beer or two from the last kit you’ve made, why not try these super simple beer cocktail ideas, all tried, tested and thoroughly approved by us!

Vitamin C Brew:

This one really is sunshine in a glass, freshly squeezed orange juice combined with the warmth and subtle botanical notes from the gin work perfectly alongside the lagers crisp carbonation and dry finish. Served over ice this provides not only your daily dose of vitamin C, but a thirst quenching and ultimately refreshing drink I’d be happy to sup morning, noon or night!



  • 60ml. fresh squeezed orange juice (4 large oranges)
  • 30ml. gin
  • 500ml Port 66 Premium Continental Lager
  • 10-12 large Ice Cubes
  • Orange wheel (for serving)


Squeeze oranges to collect 60ml of juice, removing any pips or large pieces of pulp. Add ice to serving glasses and pour over orange juice and gin, then top up with Port 66 Premium Continental Lager, mix thoroughly and garnish with orange wheel to serve.

Beer Cocktail

Aperol Mist:

If you enjoy the fresh citrusy flavours of an Aperol Spritz, this is like one of those with the volume turned up. Super simple to make, slightly stronger, and with a more powerful and complex flavour profile – what’s not to love!



  • 30ml Aperol
  • 2x large lemons (to make 30ml fresh lemon juice)
  • 500ml Port 66 Hefeweizen
  • Lemon twist (for serving)
  • 10-12 large Ice Cubes


Squeeze lemons to collect 30ml of juice, removing any pips or large pieces of lemon before continuing. Add ice cubes into a pint class and fill to top, pour over Aperol and lemon juice and fill to the top with your Hefeweizen – stir thoroughly and serve garnished with lemon twist.

Beer Cocktails

The Elvis:

This one was my personal favourite, fruity, spicy, bitter, floral – super refreshing, moreish and delicious. The freshly squeezed grapefruit helps to accentuate the hops in the beer, meaning the drink retains a strong, enhanced IPA character throughout. The gin comes through only at the finish, adding some warmth and a floral sweetness that cuts through the grapefruits bitter notes.


SERVINGS: MAKES 2x 300ml Drinks

  • 90ml fresh pink grapefruit juice (2 large Grapefruits)
  • 50ml. London dry gin
  • 100ml Sparkling Eldeflower Soda
  • 300ml Port 66 US IPA (for serving)
  • 10-12 Large Ice Cubes
  • Grapefruit twist (for serving)


Squeeze the grapefruits to collect 90ml of juice, removing pips or large pieces of pulp before continuing. Combine grapefruit juice, gin, and liqueur in a cocktail shaker. Fill shaker with ice and shake until outside of shaker is frosty (about 30 seconds). Strain into a glass filled with ice and top off with Port 66 US IPA. Garnish with grapefruit twist.

Beer Cocktails

Have you tried any of these? or do you have any of your own beer cocktail recipes you’d like to share? let us know in the comments below.


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